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Artist Higgins Bond has more than 25 years of experience illustrating. Many of her
illustrations have been seen on national TV from books to figurines to postage stamps, with an impressive list of clients that include the United States Postal Service, United Nations Postal Administration, The Smithsonian Institution, NBC and many more. Higgins Bond's Illustrations have been exhibited in many Museums and she has appeared in interviews on Television shows and in magazine articles about her illustrations. Higgins Bond and her Illustrations have received numerous awards and honors. On this website location we have provided a few of her illustrations for your viewing pleasure however, please keep in mind that all the images are copyrighted and that no image may be used without the express written permission of Ms. Higgins Bond or an authorized representative. While the gesture of displaying an image on your desktop or homepage is considered to be an appreciation for the work; we ask that you respect her Copyright and seek permission before doing so. In view of this fact we also ask that you read our Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy.

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